Over the years, a growing number of companies embraced the importance of having a healthy workplace. From discouraging smoking and preventing office injuries, office wellness programs nowadays are focused on helping employees have a healthy lifestyle which includes eating nutritious food.

Instead of packing their break rooms with sweets and other food which contain empty calories, many enterprises are offering their employees healthy snacks. This may be attributed to the growing awareness about the correlation between what employees eat and their job performance. Based on a study, employees who eat more fruits and vegetables displayed higher levels of happiness, engagement and creativity. Consequently, with employees happier, more engaged and more creative, companies post positive productivity and retention rates. Also, having a healthy workforce significantly reduces the health insurance expenses of companies.

So, if you want your employees to power through demanding workdays, ditch the chocolates, sodas and chips and offer them healthy snacks like those mentioned below.


Eating fresh fruits do not just help employees ward off diseases; it also energises them, making them ideal office snacks. On top of reducing body inflammation, this antioxidant-rich food enhances mood and improves memory. Also, fresh fruits help keep employees motivated and focused since they contain essential nutrients that stimulate the production of dopamine.

Given the large number of fruits available, how do you choose which ones to serve at your office? You may pick any fruit you want. Just make sure that they’re easy to eat and within your budget. Some fruits which are highly recommended in offices are berries, bananas, oranges and lemons.

Berries, particularly blueberries, are rich in anthocyanidins which play a role in keeping the brain sharp. These fruits are also known to improve motor coordination and memory. Meanwhile, one banana is said to contain enough amount of glucose needed by the brain to function all day. Hence, snacking on this fruit can keep the mind alert and enhance its performance. Both rich in Vitamin C, oranges and lemons (eating and smelling them) can awaken the senses, making it ideal for those who are sluggish or suffering from fatigue.


Just like fruits, vegetables are also highly nutritious. Some examples of vegetables which you can serve in your office are carrots, spinach and broccoli.

Having a low glycemic index, raw carrots keep people’s mood steady and their minds clear, enabling them to focus better on their tasks. On the other hand, spinach is said to improve learning capacity as well as memory. Broccoli, another green vegetable, is rich in Vitamin K which is known to enhance cognitive function.

The only challenge with vegetables, except for carrots, is that they can’t be readily eaten. So, unless you’re willing to juice them or cook them, serving them in the office for snacks can be difficult.

Other Healthy Snacks For Offices

Aside from fruits and vegetables, other healthy snacks you can provide your employees are nuts, string cheese and green tea.

Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts contain vital nutrients which can boost your energy and brain performance. String cheese, being rich in protein, can help prevent your employees from going sleepy. Meanwhile, green tea is dubbed as a natural energy enhancer. However, unlike other energy boosting drinks, it has no side effects. Furthermore, it contains catechines which can help employees become mentally relaxed and at the same time, focused.

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Photo by Lori L. Stalteri