One of the things that people realised in the past couple of years is the importance of staying healthy. It is no secret that healthier people are more productive as well.

Workers who are in the pink of health take significantly fewer sick days. They are also more focused and energetic at work. All these are beneficial to any organisation as it results in employees accomplishing more work.

Being fit is not just a goal that your employees can achieve on their own. You can help them become healthier by promoting physical wellness through proper diet. You can do this by serving fresh fruits at your office for your employees to snack on instead of the usual sugary, high-calorie treats.

Providing fruits, even vegetables, for your workers should not be difficult as there are several companies in Ireland like Office Fruit that deliver fresh produce to offices. How often you get them depends on what you choose – daily, weekly or monthly fruit delivery subscription. Once you’ve decided, then all you have to do is to wait for your fruit boxes to be delivered to your office.

Should You Go for Monthly Fruit Delivery?

Admittedly, deciding on how often you’d have fruits and vegetables delivered can be difficult, especially if it is your first time getting this service. For some, a monthly fruit box subscription seems to be a good choice as it means less administrative work for their procurement and finance teams.

Getting monthly fruit delivery is also worth considering if your office has the equipment needed to store them properly. As you know, while some fruits like apples and oranges can last for at least two months, they should be placed inside a refrigerator crisper to keep them fresh and edible.

Suffice to say, what your up against with monthly fruit delivery is spoilage. Unless employees consume everything or you have the recommended storage equipment, some fruits may go to waste which is something you wouldn’t want. So, if this is the predicament you are in, you should try other subscription options.

Alternative to Monthly Fruit Delivery

The other options that fruit suppliers in Ireland offer are daily and weekly delivery. For most companies, getting their fruit box every week is the most practical choice. This way, employees get to enjoy the fruits while they are still fresh. Also, it is easier to avoid spoilage with this option.

Yes, you can achieve the same thing with daily fruit delivery – enjoy fruits while they are fresh and minimise spoilage. But it can be taxing to receive deliveries and do the prep work needed every day unless you have a designated person to do these tasks.

Still, the choice boils down to your preference and cash flow. For you to make the best choice, it is important that you know how much fruits your workforce consumes and how quickly they finish the fruit box.

Admittedly, getting this information is not easy as you’d really have to monitor fruit consumption in your office. But it’s not something you’ll have to do forever. Once you have the data you need (after three weeks of observation), you can stop monitoring them and perhaps, just do checks once a month to determine if you need to increase or decrease the number of fruits you order and change the delivery schedule.

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