Did the winter season cause you to slip into unhealthy habits such as ditching workouts and indulging in comfort food? If it did, then it’s time to get back on track this spring.

Much like in nature, spring is a time for the body’s rebirth, as it slowly adjusts to the changing temperatures. It’s the perfect time to press the reset button on your body and cleanse it. With a spring detox, you rid your body of toxins and boost your immune system. It also enables you to shed those extra pounds in time for summer.

While there are countless benefits to it, the idea of going through detox scares some people because they associate it with pain and deprivation. These concerns are understandable given the popularity of short, intense detoxes. However, you must know that spring cleansing need not be an awful experience. You can detox without going hungry and losing energy. How? You just have to eat right. This translates to having better eating habits and choosing healthier food. Below are some things you can remove from or incorporate in to your diet for a gentle, sustainable and effective spring detox.

Drink lemon water: Start your day with a glass of water infused with lemon juice. Known to contain antibacterial properties, lemon juice helps cleanse the liver and aids in balancing the colon’s pH level. It is also said to aid in blood purification. So, squeeze half a lemon into your glass of water or make lemon ice cubes and pop some in your water.

Cut down on your meat consumption, especially red meat: Love meat? Don’t worry because you don’t have to completely give them up when going through the detox process. You just have to reduce your meat intake to once or twice a week. So, how do you meet your recommended daily protein intake? Get your protein from healthier alternatives such as fish and vegetables like beans and soy.

Combat spring allergy with nettles: Spring is the season when pollen allergies surface. Hence, if you suffer from this (or other allergies), include nettles in your detox plan. Known to decrease histamine in the body, nettle leaves are widely used to ease seasonal allergies. They also help detoxify the liver and kidneys. Currently, nettle leaf teas are commercially available. Alternatively, if you can get a hold of fresh nettles, you can make nettle pesto. Use it as a vegetable dip or simply consume a spoonful of it.

Go for an alkaline-based diet: As one of the goals of this cleanse is to boost your immunity, food rich in alkaline should comprise 80% of your diet. Doing this helps in the rejuvenation of cells. Additionally, this kind of diet can make you more focused and energised. Foods rich in alkaline include green, leafy vegetables like kale.

Eliminate white sugar and have berries instead: Apart from contributing to weight gain, sugar is linked to a multitude of degenerative diseases. This is why it is best to eliminate white sugar and other sweets from your diet during your cleanse. Have a sweet tooth? Do not despair! You may still satisfy your cravings by eating fruits like berries which are not only sweet but also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Create a berry bowl (assorted berries with coconut yogurt and cinnamon) or mix them with leafy greens like kale and spinach for a healthy smoothie.

Increase your vegetable and fruit intake: Some recommended vegetables for spring detox include artichoke (lowers blood pressure), cabbage (helps flush toxins), garlic (has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties) and asparagus (reduces water retention and cleanses kidneys). For fruits, pineapple (contains bromelain, an enzyme which aids in digestion and reduces inflammation), avocado (contains vitamins B5 and B6 which the adrenals need) and citrus fruits (contains high amounts of Vitamin C), among others.

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