Buying fruit and veg boxes used to be a tedious endeavour, primarily because purchasers had to travel to a brick-and-mortar store. But with the presence of online fruit and vegetable shops, completing this task is no longer time-consuming and tiring.

You can order your daily or weekly supply of fruits and veggies without leaving your house. In fact, you can accomplish this chore while you sit comfortably on your couch any time of the day.

Without a doubt, online shops that offer fruit and veg boxes are exactly what people like you need these days with their overly hectic schedule. All they need is an Internet-connected device, place their order and wait for their box to be delivered.

These online vendors are also the perfect choice for organisations that offer fruits and vegetables as free snacks in their workplace. Their employees can devote their time doing work that helps the company generate profits instead of going to the grocery or farmer’s market.

If you are ordering fruits and vegetable boxes online for the first time, below are some of the things you should consider to have a positive experience.

Quality of the Fruit and Veg Boxes

All buyers want to get high-quality products – whether they are purchasing gadgets or fruits and vegetables. When it comes to produce, freshness is an important consideration.

But unlike in a grocery or farmer’s market, you won’t be able to physically examine the products you buy online. You won’t be able to pick the fresh ones and add them to your box. Your chosen online shop picks the fruits and veggies that will be delivered to you.

Many of these fruit and vegetable providers source their supplies straight from the farmers. This shorter distribution chain enables customers like you to get fresher products.

But not all these shops buy directly from farmers. At the same time, some shops that do fail to handle the products properly. In these cases, customers end up getting fruits and vegetables which are bruised or about to get rotten.

Hence, if you want to get fresh produce, you have to carefully choose the provider that you’d be ordering from. Look for one that has a remarkable track record of providing quality fruits and veggies.

Prices of the Fruit and Veg Boxes

Just like when you go to brick-and-mortar stores, check the prices before making a purchase. One great thing about buying online is that it is less tedious to compare prices from a large range of suppliers. In fact, you can easily spot the best deals!

If you are one of those who think that fruits and vegetables sold online are more expensive, please know that this is not true.

Many Internet-based vendors price their products competitively, costing the same as those found in local stores. There are also some that sell their fruit and veg boxes at a slightly higher price. While you may be paying more when you buy from them, think of it as a small amount you are paying for getting your produce in a hassle-free manner.

Please also note that some of these shops offer really good deals. In fact, there are online stores like Office Fruit that offer a free fruit box for companies that want to try this service.

Fruit and Veg Box Delivery Details

Aside from the price of the boxes, another thing you have to consider before buying is the delivery or shipping fee. Ideally, the cost should be lower than what you’d normally spend going to your local grocer or farmer’s market.

Now, if you typically just walk when getting your fruit and veggie supply, then buying from a physical store is obviously cheaper than from an online shop. But what you’d be spending is just a small amount compared to the convenience you’d be getting.

It should be noted though that several online fruit and vegetable shops do not charge a delivery fee if your order costs a certain amount.

Aside from the delivery charges, you should also consider the delivery schedule. Some deliver daily; others do it weekly. These shops also have a cut-off period wherein your order should be in before a specific time to make it to the next delivery date.

It can be scary to order fruit and veg boxes online since you won’t be able to check and handpick the items yourself. But there is no reason to worry about low-quality products, poor service and exorbitant prices if you do your research and buy from a trusted online shop.

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