The benefits offered by companies in Ireland have evolved significantly. At first, companies started offering free meals plus unlimited coffee and snacks in the office. Nowadays, some organisations provide gym memberships or install exercise and wellness facility within their premises.

Many of these perks are offered not only for employee engagement purposes but also to keep the workers physically and mentally healthy. As studies have shown, it is beneficial for companies to have employees who are in good health.

Admittedly, not all organisations can give out gym memberships or put up wellness facilities in their offices. Even providing free lunches or dinners is not feasible for some companies due to budget constraints.

The thing is that you do not have to spend a lot to keep your employees healthy. Simply having fruits in the office can go a long way in terms of helping your people avoid illnesses and stay productive.

Have Fruits in the Office to Minimise Absenteeism

Your people’s performance determines your company’s revenue. When they are productive – i.e. able to close more deals or complete tasks, you generate more earnings. Clearly, you want your employees to be on top of their game all the time for your company to stay profitable.

Various things can prevent people from performing well at work, and one of them is being sick. According to reports, a huge amount of productivity and money is lost due to unwell employees.

When employees are sick, they cannot go to work and do their jobs. Meanwhile, those who try to soldier on – meaning, they still go to work while sick – are unable to perform at their best.

Illnesses like flu, colds, headaches, migraines and upset stomachs are the top reasons why employees call in sick. Experts estimate that billions of revenues are lost each year due to sickness-related absenteeism.

Fortunately, this is not an unsolvable problem. As mentioned earlier, having healthy foods in the office like fruits is a good way of keeping your employees healthy.

Fruits provide several health benefits. They contain fibre which aids in digestion and lessens stomach issues. They are packed with vitamins and minerals which increase your resistance to different types of illnesses.

Fruits also have antioxidants which can prevent the damage done by free radicals and reduce the risk of diseases including heart ailments and cancer. While there are man-made antioxidant supplements available, studies show that they are not that effective in preventing diseases. Antioxidants from fruits are much more effective.

Lastly, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is proven to reduce people’s risk of developing obesity and chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Office Fruit Delivery – Small Investment, Big Returns

What is great about having a regular supply of fruits in your office is that it does not cost a lot unlike offering free meals or gym memberships.

For as low as €20, you can already have 45 pieces of fruits. Furthermore, the box contains assorted fruits such as bananas, kiwis, oranges or berries, to name but a few.

Getting fruits in your office is also hassle-free because all you need to do is to order online these days. For example, at Office Fruit, placing an order is as simple as going to our website and picking the package or items you want.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about how to get the items you ordered to your office because fruit suppliers now deliver.

Getting office fruit delivery service is a smart decision. It is a small investment that offers huge returns. It can help you significantly reduce absenteeism due to sicknesses. Furthermore, it can increase overall workforce productivity as some fruits promote concentration and alertness as well as boost energy.

In conclusion, nowadays, companies should take an active role in helping their employees stay healthy. A healthy workforce is essential for your organisation’s continued success.

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