Studies show that organisations benefit from having energetic employees. High-energy people can infuse the workplace with enthusiasm and inspire other employees to work better. In the long run, this can result in increased productivity, additional customers and higher revenues.

Yet, consistently having high levels of energy is difficult. Even your most energetic employees will have days when they experience a midday slump. This is where you come in and provide support by having office fruit boxes.

Office Fruit Boxes as an Alternative to Sugary Drinks and Snacks

In many workplaces in Ireland and all over the world, pantries are filled with food that can help keep employees going. Providing free food is one of the benefits that most companies offer these days.

From colas to chocolates, the snacks typically provided are high in sugar. No surprises there as sugary foods and drinks are known to boost energy.

However, studies reveal that these products do not have lasting effects. They put too much fuel or sugar into the blood too soon, resulting in a quick burst of energy that also dissipates quickly.

When their body’s sugar level drops, your employees are going to feel anxious and frazzled. Eventually, the crash is going to leave them tired and hungry.

Simply put, the surge of energy that they feel after eating sugary foods and drinks is just temporary – something that can last for an hour. Hence, these products do not really put an end to the energy slump; instead, they prolong it.

It should also be noted that these products are bad for your employees’ health because of their high sugar content. Consuming them regularly increases their risk of developing conditions like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

So, if you truly want to help your employees stay alert and engaged during the day, provide fruit boxes in your office instead of unhealthy foods.

Why Choose Office Fruit Boxes to Combat Energy Slump

Fruits contain nutrients that the body needs to function properly. But these highly nutritious foods won’t just keep your employees healthy. They can also improve their energy levels, allowing them to overcome that usual midday energy slump and become more productive.

Fruits may be high in sugar, but they do not contain excessive amounts of fructose. A type of sugar, fructose is harmful when taken in large amounts.

Furthermore, the natural sugar in fruits is enough to keep them energised throughout the day. Just how effective are they in boosting energy? Studies show that one apple provides more energy than a cup of coffee.

In addition, they do not have to worry about feeling tired or restless once the effect wears off which is usually the case with sugary drinks and food as well as caffeinated drinks.

What is even great is that eating fruits won’t just keep employees energised but also increase their brainpower. For example, blueberries are known to improve focus and memory.

Fruits can also help relieve stress. For one, citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits increase serotonin production. One of the so-called happy hormones, serotonin plays an integral role in regulating mood and learning ability.

Indeed, fruits are great alternatives to sugary foods and drinks. They are exactly what your employees should eat when they need a boost of energy. By having fruits in your office, you ensure that your employees are not just productive but also healthy.

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