It’s 3pm and once again you are facing the afternoon slump. Most office managers know that look, when eyelids start drooping and energy wanes. Perhaps customer service is no longer as friendly as it should be or data entry slows down to a crawl.

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It’s not that your workforce doesn’t want to contribute their best. They are simply fighting the post-lunch dip which is a very a natural phenomenon. All your workforce needs is a little help to get back to their peak efficiency and production.

Most employers provide free coffee to help their workers feel more energized, but coffee contains harmful tannins and caffeine which can actually do more harm than good in the long run. Tannins can lower iron absorption, which is an essential nutrient for energy production, and caffeine can give your workers a temporary boost, but leave them jittery and exhausted by the end of the day.

So how do you stave off this dreadful daily decline without unhealthy energy drinks, sugary snacks or caffeine?

First, it’s important to understand what causes this post-lunch slump. For the most part, when your employees go to lunch they may lean toward the heavier, less-healthy options for purposes of convenience and speed. These food choices may lead to a sudden rise in blood sugar and then the inevitable dip even in normal, healthy people. As blood sugar rapidly drops, employees may reach for sugary snacks and caffeinated beverages which in the long run may lead to a decline in health.

Do not underestimate the burden this may place on your overall workforce. Less healthy workers are more likely to call in sick, placing an additional burden on your remaining employees, who are forced to pick up the slack. It’s important to recognize this need and help your employees choose options that will not only improve their energy, but potentially improve their immune systems as well, thus reducing the number of days lost to sick leave and medical appointments.

Fresh, delicious fruit delivered right to your office gives your employees a golden opportunity to replace those unhealthy afternoon “pick-me-up” snacks and drinks with a healthier fare that will improve their well-being and efficiency.

What specific health benefits can fresh fruit provide? All fruit contains vitamin C, which helps to boost immune systems. They also contain natural carbohydrates in a high-fiber package to help stabilize blood sugar peaks and dips. Each unique fruit has its own special benefits, which is why variety truly is the spice of life.

Bananas contain high levels of potassium to help lower blood pressure. Apples contain flavonoids and antioxidants to reduce cancer risk, diabetes and heart disease. Tangerines are high in vitamin C which, unlike coffee, actually helps the absorption of vital, energy producing iron in the blood. The superfruit kiwi contains vitamin A, K, E and B, potassium, copper and folate and stone fruits are packed with essential nutrients that will make those long days fly by. Fresh, wholesome fruit is the best option to beat that dreaded afternoon slump.

To learn more about Our Fresh Fruit Services please call us now on 01 4624811.