Now more than ever, having a regular supply of fruits is of utmost importance as these can help boost our immunity. Fortunately, getting fresh produce is now easy with the availability of fruit delivery services.

Life drastically changed for everyone in February 2020 when COVID-19 reached Ireland. As measures were implemented to prevent the spread of the dreaded virus, bustling places like Dublin turned eerily quiet.

All over the country, people were forced to stay at home. Most establishments were closed except for those that offer essential services. Offices were empty as organisations adopted a work-from-home setup.

Similarly, those in the food industry like sellers of fruits, vegetables and other produce had to shift to delivering products to their customers.

Why Go for Fruit Delivery Service in Dublin

Things are not the same as before even for activities like buying produce. For most people, the simple act of getting fruits and vegetables has become overly complicated. Furthermore, what used to be a harmless activity has become risky for some.

Due to these challenges, a lot of people have turned to companies that deliver fruits and other produce. If you are not doing the same thing, then you should consider getting this service.


Having fruits and vegetables delivered to your home is undeniably safer as compared to buying them yourself in a supermarket.

Remember, your chance of contracting the virus increases when you are in an enclosed space and/or area with a lot of people. This is why, according to reports, supermarkets are high-risk places for COVID-19 infection.

Apart from being near other people, you would be touching products which have been handled by others. Careless handling of these items is another reason why shopping for groceries can be risky.

Most establishments are required to implement measures that prevent the spread of the virus. For one, they must frequently sanitise the place as well as their trolleys and baskets.

Despite these government-mandated infection control protocols, the risk is still there especially since not all establishments religiously observe these requirements.


Getting delivery service is also the convenient option. As mentioned earlier, going out of your house is not as straightforward as it used to be. You need to observe health and safety measures to avoid getting infected.

On top of social distancing, you have to wear masks, sanitise your hands and avoid touching your face. When you get back to your house, it is recommended that you shower and wash or sanitise all items you have with you at once.

Going out nowadays is not just inconvenient but also time-consuming. When going to supermarkets, you may need to stand in line for a while as these establishments now have to control the number of people within their premises to avoid overcrowding.

Clearly, shopping for food and other necessities these days is risky, inconvenient and time-consuming. These are the reasons why availing delivery service is the smart choice during this pandemic.

All you have to do is to order your fruits online and the company delivers them to your house. It is a hassle-free way of getting fresh produce. Furthermore, with the contactless service from start to finish, you lessen the likelihood of you getting sick.

Getting Excellent Fruit Delivery Service

Admittedly, despite these benefits, some are still on the fence about availing this service because they worry about not getting quality produce and excellent service.

If you have the same concern, please know that all you need to do is to choose a reputable fruit delivery service provider, preferably one that has been in business for many years.

Many of the delivery service providers today are so-called ‘newbies’ as they have just started doing this the past months to adjust to the current situation. But there are a few businesses that have been offering fruit delivery service for years. These are the service providers you should look for.

Since they have been in this business for many years, their process is more seamless. As a result, their customers get the best service, experiencing minimal or no hiccups during their transaction.

Simply put, with a seasoned company, you can expect your orders to be delivered on time and your queries answered immediately. More importantly, you get fresh fruits and vegetables.

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