Here at Office Fruit whole fruit and vegetables market, our family based team is dedicated to providing the ultimate service experience to our customers. An Irish based small business, Office Fruit had its beginning by Maurice & Paul O’Connor in a small unit located in the village centre of Lucan, and recently moved to a larger location to support increasing customer demand.

To learn more about Our Fresh Fruit Services please call us now on 01 4624811.

Fruit delivery is one major aspect of our mission to you, our valued customer and vegetable/fruit lover. In light of this fact, it is absolutely crucial that biodegradable products such as fruits and vegetables be delivered by a meticulous and highly organized, specific process. Our staff is trained to provide such attention to detail, since there is a very narrow time frame between when fruit should be picked and how long it is able to last to your door before it begins to biodegrade.

Thus, we make sure to pick our fruit daily to ensure that our products are in their peak form by the time they reach your door. In fact, our fruit is picked and delivered in such a timely fashion that allows the fruit to be in ripe form by the moment it reaches your threshold. As our team has been expertly trained and has had extensive experience in the daily process of fruit handling and delivery, we truly mean when we say our fruit delivery system is unrivalled.

Many other larger companies sacrifice shelf life and quality of their fruit products because their focus is more attended to quantity over quality. At Office Fruit, you can rest assured that our fruit is hand-picked every single day and delivered certified fresh quality to your door.

In the fruit delivery market, small business reigns supreme in this regard since attention to detail and specificity is of utmost importance. Larger companies are not afforded this luxury and in fact will sacrifice quality in many cases to cut their own personal costs. It is quite important to beware your fruit supply and to make sure it is cultured and harvested at a quality source site and delivered with the utmost care.

As a consumer like yourself, it is vital to be aware of the various handling errors and low quality of either unripened or rancid fruit from larger companies, or even small business with poor delivery programs. At Office Fruit, one need not to worry over such details. As stated, our fruit is hand-picked fresh every single day throughout the year, and we know better than anyone the disappointment of biting into what should be a delicious fruit item and yet it is not quite at its peak ripened state.

Please call our direct phone line at 01 4624811 to place your order of quality fresh fruit. If ordering by the internet, feel free to contact our establishment by email: [email protected]. When you place your order, we certify timely delivery of your product order to the specified address. We look forward to providing excellent service for any upcoming event on your busy schedule!

To learn more about Our Fresh Fruit Services please call us now on 01 4624811.