When that 2:30 feeling makes you feel like there’s a 200lb weight hanging from both of your eyelids at the office, coffee may only be a temporary fix. Millions of people every year report symptoms of chronic fatigue, and unfortunately, spiking your system with caffeine is like jumpstarting the battery of car with a broken alternator. If you really want to have long-term relief and energy, then it will pay think about just what your daily fruit intake is.

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Just like many people report feeling constantly tired, the majority of the population is alarmingly undernourished. Every person is recommended to get in a constant daily intake of all essential vitamins and nutrients, and most people only get a fraction of what nutritionists would suggest.

You don’t need to uproot your entire lifestyle and become a vegan protester just to get more vitamins and nutrients into your diet; all that it takes is a little more diligence in making sure that you’re getting a healthy daily dose of fruit.

The alarming lack of fruit intake observed in so many people’s daily diets can be attributed to two main reasons: a lack of appreciation about the potential benefits of being regularly nourished, and a lack of understanding about the dangers of not being properly nourished.

Generally speaking, a person who is greatly undernourished probably won’t even understand just how negatively they are being affected until they can experience the full benefits of having a healthy daily fruit intake for themselves.

If a person is severely malnourished enough, then the possible detriments can be far more severe than just being tired. Chronic malnourishment can lead to all kinds of problems that stem from a compromised immune system, ranging from psychological imbalance to life-threatening conditions.

Because so many people are used to be undernourished for the majority of their lives, they may come to accept the negative effects as being a regular part of life instead of something that can be easily fixed.

You’ll be more relaxed and have more energy at the same time

The power of fruit to lower a person’s blood pressure has been very well-documented. The nutrients in fruit will not only make a person feel more energized, but it will also keep them from being at as much of a risk of hypertension.

You will be able to both work harder and keep cooler head at the same time, striking a perfect balance between relaxation and motivation. The stress of the workplace won’t be nearly as detrimental to your lifespan, and you’ll be a much more effective team player overall.

The benefits of getting consistent servings of fruit into your diet will be subtle at first, but they’ll gradually accumulate into worlds of improvement. You will do yourself and everyone else at the workplace a great service by eating fruit and getting the energy that you need to be as energized and productive as possible.

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