Office Fruit is a small, locally run business located in the heart of Lucan Village in the greater Dublin area. Briefly, our small company is a family based business that had its origins in 2009, and has since expanded to nearly twice its original size to provide time tested certified quality fresh fruit products to our customers, including companies in Dublin.

Since our fresh fruit is hand-picked daily and consistently passes all standards for fruit delivery, we pride ourselves in confidently saying our fresh fruit products are the best that you will find in the country. We deliver to any office or home, and are also in the market of delivering our products to various companies in Dublin.

The incredible effects of fruit consumption have been delineated throughout human history, providing a myriad of health benefits not otherwise found in many other food categories. Fresh fruits provide detoxification and quality nutrition to the human body and are a vital asset to sustaining health in a modernized world in which much of our food supply has been contaminated with artificial chemical and ingredients.

We promise you in every way that our fresh fruit is picked by hand every single day and is delivered in a very specific, detailed way that ensures the fruit is of utmost quality grade and fresh upon its arrival to your company. We certify all hand-picked produce to be fresh and cultivate our products within the fine, minerally enriched soil in order to enhance the natural quality of the fresh fruit that we provide for your company.

Please keep us in your thoughts during your next meeting or company event; your employees will thank you for providing them with healthy options to more conventional food items commonly provided in the workplace. More often than not, companies tend to provided low quality options to their employees for conventions or office meetings to cut costs.

However, this is no longer necessary since our fresh products are low cost and delivered in a timely manner. There is no need to provide low quality food items in order to cut costs, especially when cheap fresh fruit is a viable option for any of your business needs. At this time our company is offering three weeks of fresh fruit for any office or company for the mere price of two weeks of fresh fruit service.

Please take full advantage of this wonderful offer and call our main phone line at 01 4624811, or feel free to email our staff at [email protected]. Whether you are placing an order or simply have inquiries about our certified quality fresh fruit produce, give us a call or send us an email at the aforementioned addresses. Our charming staff will attend to your every question and need in full detail. At Office Fruit, we pride ourselves upon the family based values in which this company was found. We look forward to hearing from you and providing your next company outing with our stellar fresh fruit produce.