Are you trying to eat healthier, but struggle with the best way to cut fruit? Whole foods are a great way to take in more vitamins and minerals, as well as simply feel better in general. Fruit is a perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, but the prep work can be a pain. Don’t let the task of actually getting to that delicious treat inside deter you. Below you’ll find wonderfully clever and easy ways to cut fruit.

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Bananas are packed with magnesium, potassium, and fibre. Eating them doesn’t even involve cutting, making them the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for the office. If you’re frustrated with the way bananas break when you pull on the stem, take a tip from our primate friends. Simply pinch the bottom end so that it splits, then peel the two sides apart. Voila!


These fuzzy little delights can be the most frustrating when it comes to cutting fruit. Fortunately removing the skin from a kiwi is as easy as having a knife and spoon on hand. Simply use the knife to cut off about a half inch on each end of the kiwi, then insert the spoon – such as a teaspoon or soup spoon – between the peel and the flesh and gently scoop around as close to the skin as possible until the entire centre is free. This is undoubtedly the easiest way to cut kiwi!


Do you have trouble getting the treasure out of these tropical yummies? Mango is surprisingly easy to cut, without the usual challenge of hacking off much of the flesh along with the peel. Hold the mango stem side down on the cutting board. Slice off the two fattest sides – or “cheeks” – from top to bottom, leaving about a quarter-inch section down the middle. This part is mostly the seed. Next, make parallel slices in the flesh of the cheeks, cutting as close to the skin as possible without cutting through it. Turn the fruit a quarter turn and repeat the process. Now you can either scoop the flesh out with a spoon, or simply turn the mango skin inside out and scrape the chunks off. Easy as, well, mango pie!

Stone Fruit

Snacks like nectarines and peaches can be tricky due to the rather large, awkward pits they contain. Whether you’re having fruit delivered to your Dublin office or using these juicy fruits for a recipe at home, you need a way to get the flesh off the pit without the mess. The best way to cut stone fruit is to use a serrated knife to slice the flesh around the middle, cutting right up the pit. Twist the halves, then pull to separate them. Next, neatly cut the flesh off the pit in wedges, slice the other half as desired, and you’re done!

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To learn more about Our Fresh Fruit Services please call us now on 01 4624811.