Best Fresh Fruit Serving Suggestions

Winter is almost here and the farmers markets have mostly closed for the season. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a little harder to come by. With the cold temperatures and shorter days of sunshine, you really do need to find a good source of fresh produce for much needed vitamins and nutrition during the winter. Stocking your office break room or conference room with fresh fruit is a great way for you to energize and inspire your employees, while helping to keep them healthy. You can have a variety of super fresh fruit delivered to your place of business from Fresh N Fruity.

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Ways to Serve Fresh Fruit

A simple basket of fresh whole fruit is perfectly fine on the counter or as a conference room table centerpiece. The best fruits for a basket are ones that you can easily grab and eat with your hands for a snack or to have with lunch, such as, apples, pears, grapes, and bananas.

Yogurt and fruit pair so well together. Try putting out a bowl of plain yogurt in the center of a platter. Surround the yogurt bowl with anti-oxidant rich raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and clementine segments. Place a squeeze bottle of honey or agave nectar nearby. Have disposable bowls and spoons on hand. This is a great way to encourage people to eat a healthy breakfast before starting the work day.

If you are ambitious, cut up fresh fruit to make a salad. Sliced kiwis, pineapples, and strawberries make a colorful bowl of fruit salad. You could toss toasted nuts or granola on top, or have those in bowls off to the side. Again, offer bowls and spoons for convenience.

Citrus fruit is so good for boosting your immune system with an extra punch of Vitamin C. Lemons and limes are especially good for detoxifying and cleansing internal organs. A nice gesture is to have a glass water dispenser with a spigot for staff and visitors. Place slices of fresh citrus fruit in the water to enhance it with flavor and vitamins. Add a few sprigs of mint for even more flavor. Everyone drinks water, especially if it is infused with goodness.

If you are having a breakfast or lunch meeting prepare a large platter or cutting board with slices of cheese, cured meats, whole grain breads, and plenty of fresh fruit. Grapes, orange segments, apple slices, and avocados work well on platters. Let everyone help themselves. This is a fairly inexpensive and nutritious one dish meal.

A quick sweet treat for that afternoon energy drop is wedges of melon. Core and slice cantaloupe and honeydew melon into easy to grab wedges. Keep these on hand in a covered bin in the refrigerator. Have a stack of paper napkins nearby.

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To learn more about Our Fresh Fruit Services please call us now on 01 4624811.

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