At Office Fruit in Lucan Village of the greater Dublin area, we are masters of our craft when it comes to fresh fruit harvesting and delivery, whether it be to home or office locations. Our company is founded upon family based values that direct our belief in speedy service and providing excellent quality products to all customers. For those in search of a fresh and holistic alternative to standard food items provided at office or company meetings, fresh fruit is a remarkable choice.

Fresh fruit is a quality substitute for your employees at any office event since it provides natural, sustainable energy throughout the day as nature intended. Our fruit is hand-picked directly from the source and is delivered certified fresh to your company or small business event. In modern times, individuals have increasingly become more distant from their understanding of health and what it means to consume healthy, vibrant living foods.

Fruits, as can be seen in many cultures throughout history, have consistently been used for the purposes of detoxification and promoting healing within all people. Thus, fresh fruits have great potential for sustaining a proper level of health, and this could not be more vital in a time where diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and other related illnesses are slowly deteriorating our modern world.

Healthy substitutes such as fresh fruit have been proven to have a number of healthy effects upon consumers, including lowering blood pressure, increasing the brain’s ability to function through natural sugar provided in fruit, and increasing overall performance and stamina. These aforementioned effects represent a small portion of beneficial effects provided by fresh fruits.

At this time, Fresh ‘N’ Fruity is offering a special deal to customers like yourself who may be interested in providing quality fruit to their employees for fruit’s myriad of health benefits. Our offer provides fresh delivered fruit daily for three whole weeks, but at the mere cost of two weeks of fresh fruit.

This is our way of demonstrating to our customers our dedication to service and our joy of providing quality products directly from nature directly to your office. Your employees will thank you for clearly keeping their personal health in mind and your office will find revitalized energy in the consumption of our living fresh fruits.

Please contact our main phone line at 01 4624811 for quick and efficient customer service from our friendly staff. If ordering via an online platform, do not hesitate to contact us at our primary email: [email protected]. We greatly look forward to hearing from you and providing a positive experience to your employees through our gift of fresh fruit service.

Each box of fruit that we deliver is certified fresh quality, which is the family way. Our mission is to continue to provide what our ancestors provided for centuries through clean, vibrant methods of food supply. If you have any questions regarding our mission statement, or simply have inquiries regarding the placement of your order, at all times feel free to contact the phone number mentioned. We look forward to hearing from you!